A research project of ULANR ... the Utah Laboratory for Advanced Network Research!

OnePostal is an experimental ISP located in Heber City, Utah.  It is a location for research into networks, network management, and Internet technologies.  OnePostal runs on a wide variety of computer equipment, operating systems, and network topologies.  Most every thing is built around Intel platform machines.  OnePostal currently has multiple DSL connections to the Internet, through Qwest.

For research and experimentation we run DNS services, Web services, Mail services, FTP services, Directory services, Proxy/Cache services, and other Internet services.  We offer a wide range of capability for research purposes, supported by various funding and charges ... and we offer even better deals to friends!

Some of the services offered are running on Novell NetWare, Microsoft Window, and various strains of UNIX/Linux.  The network topologies include a variety of hubs, switches, routers, and other fun things also.

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If you have any questions or to subscribe, e-mail us at
483 West Airport Road
Suite A5

Heber City,Utah 84032
+1 (435) 654-6446


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