To configure your mail access!

Our Internet mail server is qMail, running on Linux.  All administration is done using qMail Admin.

Currently we fully support SMTP, POP3, and IMAP4 e-mail access, all over SSL secure connections.

To access your OnePostal mail account you must: 

  1. Configure your mail application properly
  2. Set the SMTP, Outgoing mail settings
  3. Set the POP3, Incoming mail settings
  4. Set your POP3 UserName

The settings for our mail services:

  1. Depending on the mail application that you are using you will have to find the "Mail Server" configuration

  2. Our SMTP Outgoing mail server is:

  3. Our POP3 Incoming mail server is:

  4. For Netscape users, your POP3 User Name will be: {mail user name}

    For Eudora users, your POP3 User Name will be: {mail user name}

    NOTE: If your e-mail address is using a different domain name - other than - then use that complete e-mail address as your POP3 user name.

If you have any questions, E-mail us at
483 West Airport Road  Suite A4/A5
Heber City,Utah 84032
+1 (801) 654-6446
+1 (801) 654-2525 Fax

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